Automatic subtitling of YouTube aids interaction with deaf users

The popular video sharing site YouTube now has an automatic subtitling feature which boosts the multimedia experience for deaf users. Since November, the web site has subtitling available in ten languages. The already-in-use English, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish have been joined by German, Italian, French, Portuguese, Russian, and Dutch. The subtitling feature is automatic but basic and can be activated in various videos using the CC button on the lower right of the screen. Size, colour, and font for the subtitles can also be adjusted, while a Beta version is available for simultaneous translation in languages different to that of the video. Authors can use the feature for uploading their own script or translation, and this will synchronise with the site's time coding.This YouTube service has gradually improved in its response to the law presented in 2011 by President Barack Obama which requires use of subtitles in both TV and internet in the USA.


Patricia Corrales