Hearing Awareness at the EU Parliament



The European Hearing Instrument Manufacturers Association, together with EFHOH, the European Federation of the Hard of Hearing, have organised a Hearing Awareness Week at the EU Parliament starting on April 9. The event will be formally hosted by MEP Adam Kosa from Hungary who is severely hard-of-hearing.

The main event of the week will be a breakfast session featuring speeches from MEP Adam Kosa, EFHOH Board member Lidia Smolarek-Best and UK hearing aid dispenser Curtis Alcock. The evening will feature a cocktail networking event with more speeches from Kosa and EHIMA. MEPs and their staffers will be able to take hearing tests through-out the day in a specially constructed booth in the Parliament. EHIMA and EFHOH representatives will also be demonstrating what hearing loss might sound like, and informing people about the consequences of hearing loss and the various means of rehabilitation.

Søren Hougaard, Secretary General of EHIMA said, “The entire event is about raising awareness. Considering there are an estimated 80 million Europeans with hearing loss, the awareness about the consequences of hearing loss and the means of rehabilitation is depressingly low in the general public as well as among policy makers – and even in the healthcare community itself. It’s an uphill battle, but with this event EHIMA hopes to kickstart a new awareness-raising process.”

Source: EHIMA

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