Educational technology with sign language

© Julia Freeman-Woolpert

Educational software adapted for children with hearing disabilities or specially developed for their needs is now reaching the classrooms of 19 schools in Chile as part of a pilot scheme set up under the ministry of education's Enlaces (Links) programme.The 'TIC diversity' project means a notebook, projector, video camera, interactive blackboard, and software are to be delivered so children can work with content in language, maths, text creation, and vocabulary widening. The programmes incorporate sign language interpretation and content prioritising visual information.

Teachers too are being trained to learn how to create visual content for their children. The pilot scheme, aimed at first to fourth year pupils in basic education in Chile, "seeks to bring classrooms technological resources which will have an impact on education and child integration," explained Camila Llermaly, co-ordinator of the project and a member of the project's digital educational resource group. The pilot scheme is backed by the Institute for the Deaf, the body in charge of its external management and weekly tutorials with educators.

Paula Leighton