"Unheard of, an adventure in hearing" reaches Chile


October 30 to March 20 of 2013 will bring the interactive exhibition "Unheard of, an adventure in hearing" to the Chilean capital, Santiago. The venue for the show will be the National History Museum in the traditional district of Quinta Normal. The touring exhibition aims to create awareness on how hearing works, on caring for it, and the importance of hearing health. Families are invited to play and enjoy experiences via 20 interactive modules which follow the route of sound from the moment the ear perceives it until sound waves reach the brain. Brought to Chile by Gaes Hearing Centres, the show has already toured Spain, Portugal, and Argentina, the latter leg attracting visits from over one hundred thousand people. Hearing, according to a Gaes survey carried out across the country, is the second most important sense for people in Chile, while 83% of those surveyed believe they live in a noisy city.

Patricia Corrales