Australian cricketer Brett Lee named Cochlear’s first Global Hearing Ambassador


Australian cricket star Brett Lee has teamed up with Cochlear Ltd. to raise awareness of the medical, social and economic impact hearing loss can have on affected people and their families.

Brett Lee is one of the world’s fastest bowlers and has broken multiple cricket records in his career. He is now working on a new project in conjunction with Australia’s Cochlear Ltd. Cricket has an estimated fan base of some 3 billion people worldwide, making the sport star the ideal person to carry the message of hearing rehabilitation to affected individuals worldwide. Lee’s association with Cochlear began during filming of a soon to be released movie when he had the chance to witness implanted patients having their CIs switched on for the first time and their joy at hearing sound thanks to the device.

Before a recent match, Lee said, “Hearing loss is a huge global public health issue. I can’t imagine cricket without sound, off the field not hearing team mates, or at home not hearing family. I can’t imagine it. A cochlear implant can change all of that. I’ve seen it happen. The implant takes a person from silence to sound. It is a wonderful, life-changing moment. And through the language of cricket […] we can expose more people to implantable hearing technologies. We can help more people go from silence to sound.” Watch here what Lee thinks about CIs:

Cochlear Ltd.’s CEO, Dr Chris Roberts, said “We are delighted to have one of the true greats of sport working with Cochlear. Sport is a universal language and cricket is one of the most communicated languages in the world.”

Source: News Medical