Cochlear Ltd. launches NYC hearing awareness initiative


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An initiative aimed at educating the public about solutions beyond hearing aids has been launched by Cochlear Ltd. in New York City.

The global leader in implantable hearing devices recently announced the launch of a regional awareness program to inform residents of New York City about advanced treatments for hearing loss that go beyond conventional hearing aids. According to estimates, about 63,000 people with hearing loss in NYC are candidates for cochlear implants.

“Our goal is to inform New York City residents that there is help and hope beyond hearing aids,” says Chris Smith, President of Cochlear Ltd. Americas. “There are now a variety of treatment options available to better meet the needs of people struggling with varying degrees of hearing loss. For example, our newest hybrid hearing solution can help people get back what they’ve been missing by amplifying the low-pitched hearing a person has, while restoring access to the high-pitched hearing they’ve lost. On a similar token, our market-leading cochlear implants are a trusted solution with over a 30-year history that can help people with more advanced degrees of hearing loss in all frequencies.”

As part of the campaign, Cochlear Ltd. will be airing a series of short videos on large-screen jumbotrons in Times Square to raise awareness that there is help available when hearing aids do not improve hearing enough. The company has a global team of more than 2,700 staff and operates in more than 100 countries.

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