More than 80% of Chileans are unconcerned about their hearing health



Spanish firm GAES has just released the results of a survey commissioned throughout Chile to gather data on hearing in the country. Among other aspects, the survey revealed a lack of concern and many bad habits. According to this Hearing Study of the populace of Chile, 81.3% of those questioned consider that Chileans worry little or not at all about their hearing. The survey, which was carried out in Santiago, Viña del Mar, Antofagasta, and Concepción shows, among other things, that 65% of the population has either never had a check-up or not had one for many years. Results were hardly more encouraging among those surveyed who have children; 41% acknowledge never having taken their children to a specialist to have a check-up. GAES released these results within the framework of its seventh information campaign Don't forget Your ears. The online survey involved 413 adults over 18-years-old and took place between the end of March and the beginning of April.

According to Luis Ortega, head of Quality and Audiology at GAES, the survey results confirm the need to create awareness channels to get the public to take care of their hearing, and for detection and correction of hearing deterioration. "Hearing loss due to noise is 100% preventable. There are several recommendations: if we listen to music with headphones we should not go over 60% of maximum volume for more than an hour a day, and it is very important to undergo regular hearing check-ups with a specialist, because those affected frequently get used to noise and do not realise that their hearing ability has diminished," explained the speech language expert.