Cochlear Kids Camp: summer camp for young cochlear implant recipients


Colorado Neurological Institute (CNI) is once again organizing the Cochlear Kids Camp this summer to bring together cochlear implant recipients and their families from the US and other countries. Between June and August, several camps will be proposed by CNI, a neuroscience nonprofit organization based in Englewood, Colorado, that specializes in providing a resource center for people with neurological conditions and hearing disorders. The camps will give children with cochlear implants and their families an opportunity to come together for a long weekend of summer camp activities, networking and education. The camps take place in Estes Park, in a beautiful nature-oriented setting in a Rocky Mountain area. Those who attend are able to meet others who are facing similar challenges.

“CNI Cochlear Kids Camp is special in the way it involves the whole family. Families with ‘cochlear kids’ sometimes live in communities where there are few or no other cochlear implant recipients. These camps provide the whole family the chance to meet others travelling similar paths,” says Tim Hermann, Co-Director of CNI Cochlear Kids Camp.

During their long weekend together, families can enjoy indoor and outdoor experiences that are both recreational and educational. Activities on offer include archery, swimming, horseback riding, educational workshops, miniature golf, team building, and more.

The camps have brought together some 4,000 attendees since the program was launched in 2001. This approximate number includes 381 families from Colorado and 668 families from outside of the state.

Source: Colorado Neurological Institute