Brazilian hearing problems


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With the World Cup currently taking place in Brazil, much attention is being focused on the South American country. Whilst the residents enjoy the festival of football, the noise of daily life is contributing to hearing issues in Brazil. 28 million Brazilians have hearing problems according to a World Health Organization (WHO) study, equating to 14% of the population.

While some surveys show that the number of people with a handicapping hearing loss (>40dB) in the country attain 9 to 13 million, a Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics study states that 9.8 million of the population suffer from hearing loss directly.

In addition, approximately 20% of pre-school children in Brazil are believed to suffer from a degree of hearing loss. 15-20% of the population experience some type of tinnitus, almost one fifth of the population. The studies indicate that these numbers will only increase.

With the studies showing 30-35% of all hearing loss is due to exposure to loud sounds from work or free time activities, let’s hope the Brazilians protect their ears during the celebrations. At least they do not have the vuvuzelas from 2010.

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