First class of Spanish experts to earn certificates for treating tinnitus


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A total of 31 enrolled Spanish audiology professionals made up the first class from the country to qualify in obtaining GN Hearing Care certificates in Tinnitus Retraining Therapy. On completing this training programme in Madrid, their achievements increased when the GN Group announced that, on top of the diploma of accreditation, they would "distinguish professionals' centres with promotional material". An online platform has been set up to put tinnitus sufferers in contact with specialists who can help them, while the newly certificated centres were added to those practices in the recently created Tinnitus Club.

The intensive course involved 20 teaching hours given by an otologist, a team of pyschologists, and several experts in fitting sound masking devices. Training is continued through the platform, which allows course students to keep up contact with their teachers. "Our diploma students finish the course with a clear work protocol to follow, and with the chance to go to other specialists to complement their treatment, plus material to boost their businesses by adding a distinguishing new discipline to their practices," points out GN. To create awareness in line with the "social dimension" tinnitus commands, the Group sponsored the distribution of the documentary "Oírse"(The Sound Inside), which starred and was directed by tinnitus sufferers.

"Our stance with a problem that has its origins in the ear is that the best answer can never be along the lines of "there is no solution" or "come back tomorrow"," said José Luis Otero, GN’s director general in Spain.

Translation: P.W.

José Luis Fernández, editor in chief of Audio infos Spain