New masters in audiology at National University of Singapore


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According to a report by Channel NewsAsia, there is a growing need for locally-trained audiologists in Singapore to adequately support the island nation’s increasing hearing-impaired population. A major factor is the country’s aging population, says the city-state’s Health Minister, Gan Kim Yong. The country currently has about 60 audiologists in both the public and private sectors, a number that is far from sufficient. The National University of Singapore (NUS) has therefore set up a new Masters of Science (MSc) degree in audiology, the first local program to train audiologists.

The program offered at Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine includes two years of study covering pediatrics, hearing assessment and management, clinical audiology and hearing devices, among other areas. The course will also include a research component that will focus on genetic aspects and regional infections.

Students come for many walks of life. Maureen Ding, for example, decided to make a mid-career change from the finance sector to audiology. She says that she became more interested in the field after experiencing a mild episode of hearing loss herself a few years earlier, as a result of a viral infection. “That sort of triggered my interest as well, because I went through a period where I had difficulty hearing in noisy places and that was actually quite distressing for me,” she explains. “I went through a process of seeking treatment, seeing an ENT doctor, so it was kind of an eye-opening experience.” Ms. Ding is one of the 18 students, aged 22 to 46, who enrolled in the course for the 2013-2015 program.

Source: Channel NewsAsia