Students can apply to hearing Mission to Brazil

The Oticon Hearing Foundation will again partner with the American Academy of Audiology Foundation to underwrite the costs for an audiologist and audiology student to join a unique humanitarian mission to remote riverfront communities near Parintins, Brazil.

Audiologists and audiology students are encouraged to submit applications to participate in the humanitarian mission to the Oticon Clinic in Parintins, a non-profit clinic serving Brazil’s most impoverished communities. The collaborative expedition aims to enable volunteer audiologists to support sustainable hearing care to children and adults from more than 300 local communities that surround Parintins. Currently, these communities have access to limited or no basic health or welfare services.

Audiologists and audiology students who have completed at least two years in an AuD program may submit an application to join Project Amazon. Applications will be reviewed by a committee comprised of AAA Foundation and Oticon Hearing Foundation representatives; the selected practitioners and students will be notified in August.

In addition to helping to underwrite the travel and expenses of the selected audiologists, the Oticon Hearing Foundation will supply the team with hearing instruments and batteries for their mission. The Foundation plans to sustain the good works of the volunteers with donations of hearing instruments and other resources throughout the year.

Source: American Academy of Audiology Foundation