Deaf child receives implant found in Oklahoma rubble

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Even a tornado couldn’t stop a Chinese orphan from finally getting her hearing implant. Jayde Scholl, a Chinese deaf child adopted by an American doctor last year, was due to have a cochlear hearing device implanted in her ear when the tornadoes hit Oklahoma. But the implant, which costs between $25,000 and $30,000, was lost when the Moore Medical Center was destroyed during the storm which wrecked 20,000 homes and killed 24 people last Monday.

Jayde's operation was then postponed indefinitely while doctors considered the logistics of finding a replacement implant. When nurse Sherry Raper heard about Jayde's predicament, she spent hours digging through the rubble until she found the computer-sized box holding Jayde's implant. Jayde underwent a successful surgery at the Norman Healthplex on Friday morning - meaning the five-year-old can finally hear in both her ears. The schoolgirl had previously undergone the cochlear implant surgery to correct the hearing in her other ear in February.

But at one time, it was thought Jayde would never be able to hear. Jayde was placed in a Chinese orphanage after she was found abandoned by her birth mother in a town square when she was just eight-months-old. She had no access to medical treatment to help improve her hearing until she was adopted by Jaque Scholl, a doctor of audiology at the speech and hearing clinic Scholl Center, and her family last year.

Source: The Daily Mail

Rose Simpson