CASLPA calls for minimum standards in hearing health care

In an effort to help patients understand the difference between audiologists and hearing instrument practitioners, the Canadian Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists (CASLPA) has released a position paper to clarify their respective roles in hearing health care.

“In some work environments across Canada, audiologists and hearing instrument practitioners work collaboratively in group practices,” says the paper. “However, there has been a long history of confusion and controversy regarding titles and scopes of practice. It is not surprising that some of this confusion persists given the many changes that have occurred in the training of hearing health-care professionals and the quality of information available to the public on the Internet.”

CASLPA conducted a review of both groups in all jurisdictions in Canada, focusing on levels of education and clinical training as well as scopes of practice including regulatory distinctions.

“The results indicate considerable variability within the educational and clinical training for hearing instrument practitioners across Canada,” says the paper. CASLPA also found that the regulatory environment varied between provinces and territories for both professions. Among the recommendations was a call for standardization of minimum education and clinical requirements for hearing instrument practitioners in Canada.

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Source: CASLPA

Rose Simpson