Audiologist of the Year 2017: Get to know the 7 country winners

Spain: Sebastián Bernal

Sebastián Bernal

“My audiologist has been part of my journey through life and has been there for me whenever I’ve needed support.”

Sebastian was nominated by Silva, who, in her entry, described how her audiologist had been part of her life for many years, having been there for her as a child, as a wife and as she embarked on motherhood.”

Silva said: “Since I've been going to him, he has treated me and my family with a lot of care and affection. Whenever I've needed to change hearing aids, he has always taken my needs into account to choose those best suited to my lifestyle. His priority is that patients lead as normal a life as possible, regardless of hearing loss. He’s very committed to raising awareness of the hugely undervalued nature of audiology in Spain and the major impact this has on quality of life for so many people.”

Sebastian Bernal Zafra is Audiologist at Audiologia de Cadiz.