Audiologist of the Year 2017: Get to know the 7 country winners

Netherlands: Erwin Lobato

Erwin Lobato

“After only a few minutes, I knew I had come to the right place. Mr Lobato showed experience, insight and empathy towards my hearing needs.”

Erwin Lobato was nominated by Annelies, who, in her entry, described how she had worn a hearing aid since she was nine after being born with a hearing deficiency. At 70, she had become sceptical about digital hearing aids and was still wearing her analogue hearing aids. That was until Erwin impressed her with his experience, insight and empathy.

Annelies said: “After only a few minutes, I knew that I had come to the right place. We had a very long and honest conversation, followed by a very thorough examination of my hearing. After 11 sessions adjusting the digital hearing aids in tiny steps, we have now arrived at a fantastic result. My hearing is even better than it was with the analogue hearing aids, something that I would have never thought possible. In company, I can now get by perfectly, even when people are talking all at once at social gatherings. I have heartfelt gratitude for Mr Lobato’s expertise, patience and passion.”

Erwin Lobato works at Annemiek’s Hoorstudio.