Audiologist of the Year 2017: Get to know the 7 country winners

Germany: Haluk Celik

Haluk Celik

“Mr Celik listens to me, takes me seriously, and above all, he believes in me when I tell him about recurring problems.”

Haluk was nominated by Tahani, who, in her entry, described how he had gone out of his way to listen, ask questions and explain things. She also described him as helpful, a creative-thinker and someone who went above and beyond to find a solution to her problems.

Tahani was born hard of hearing in 1968 and wasn’t fitted with hearing aids until 1973. Her hearing aids started to deteriorate in 1998 and she had seen countless hearing technicians with no success, until she met Haluk Celik. Thanks to his help and support, Tahani now has ‘normal’ hearing and describes this as something she “will be more than grateful to him for my entire life.”

Haluk Celik is Audiologist at Hörgeräte Feudenheim.