Audiologist of the Year 2017: Get to know the 7 country winners

France: Morgan Potier

Morgan Potier

“Mr Potier helped changed my father’s life in retirement. His hearing aid has given him renewed confidence to stay active.”

Morgan was nominated by Celine, who, in her entry, described how her father had renewed confidence in retirement thanks to developing a lasting relationship with his hearing specialist. She described how Mr Potier had expelled her father’s fears, answered his questions and above all, made time for him.

In her nomination for Morgan, Celine said: “My father needed someone who could talk to him both in a scientific way but also with enough tact to help him accept the facts. Mr Potier was able to do this and more; he got my father to try out some hearing aids, which completely convinced him of their benefits. Now he wears his device for more than 10 hours a day.

“Thanks to his hearing aid, my father, even though his is retired, has been able to take up his volunteering again and participate in meetings related to education – something he’d given up on because of his hearing loss.”

Morgan Potier works at Laboratoire d’Audiologie Clinique (LAC).

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