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We are doing something very un-British in our next issue… We are celebrating the successes of some of our hearing care professionals! Our special feature looks at two English hearing healthcare professionals and one American who run very successful hearing care practices. But not content with a fantastic business, these enterprising individuals also have a second prosperous focus. An additional business, another revenue stream and a global-influencer are celebrated in our dossier.

This issue is being distributed on the delegates' bags at the BSHAA congress starting tomorrow, 12th May, in Colchester, so we have included a preview of the event with information of some of the companies who will be in the exhibit hall; there is also an interview with one of the Americans who will be presenting at the event. If you specialise in paediatric audiology then a precis of the recently published NDCS Listen Up! report is in this issue. The charity has several recommendations for NHS England and the Department of Health.

Here are the contents of our 111th issue:

  • News of the profession and updates from BAA and BSHAA
  • At the heart of the matter
  • Paediatrics / NDCS: Improving children’s hearing services
  • Wide angle : Successful independents
  • Guy Wolstencroft: entrepreneur
  • Curtis Alcock: thought-leader and innovator
  • Dr Gyl Kasewurm: coach and mentor
  • The specialists
  • Business Tips / The purchase process, brand and creating it
  • Interview / Vestibular syndromes are a major health problem
  • Research and development
  • Scientific Focus / Scientific publications
Audio Infos' UK team will be at the BSHAA congress. We're looking forward to seeing you there!

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Victoria Adshead, editor in chief of Audio Infos United Kingdom