Audiologist of the Year 2016: Congratulations to our 8 country winners!

Netherlands: Wilgis Schoffelmeijer

Wilgis Schoffelmeijer

Wilgis Schoffelmeijer who works for Hoorcentrum Westerkwartier in Zuidhorn has scooped the title of AOTY 2016. As a lecturer, Wilgis’s patient Arie Dekker had been experiencing more and more difficulty hearing her students. After visiting a number of audiologists without much success, Arie visited Wilgis’s practice, Hoorcentrum Westerkwartier.

Arie said: “My first impression of Hoorcentrum Westerkwartier was very positive. They were professional, asked the right questions and knew well how to further assist me through all the steps that were necessary.

“I am 61 years old now and do my work as a lecturer with a lot of enjoyment again and will be able to continue doing so for the next four to six years. My quality of life has improved markedly thanks to the expertise and skills and effort invested by the Wilgis. I can't imagine that there is a better hearing care specialist anywhere.”