Audiologist of the Year 2016: Congratulations to our 8 country winners!

Ireland: Peter Ferguson

Peter Ferguson

Peter Ferguson of Ferguson’s Hearing Aid Clinic in Limerick has scooped the coveted title of Audiologist of the Year 2016, after a heartfelt nomination from one of his patients swung the judges’ decision.

Peter’s patient, Mary Fitzgerald, has been deaf since birth and her hearing had become progressively worse over the years, which was making life extremely difficult for her.

Mary said: “Peter never gave up on me. In 2013 I was accepted for a cochlear implant. Prior to being accepted I was tested by a scientist from the USA who had to check my hearing aids to make sure they were giving me the best possible hearing. The tests revealed that my aids were already some of the best and no further improvements could be made for me.

“On my journey I met several people on the cochlear implant list, but were turned away because their hearing aids were not good enough at all. This would never happen with Peter, he would make sure you were achieving the maximum hearing. It is with great confidence that I still have to attend Peter for a hearing aid in my other ear.”