Audiologist of the Year 2016: Congratulations to our 8 country winners!

Austria: Reinhard Fenzl

Reinhard Fenzl

Reinhard Fenzl who works for Hörgeräte Akustik Fenzl in Linz has scooped the coveted title of Audiologist of the Year 2016, after a heartfelt nomination from one of his patients swung the judges’ decision.

As a child Reinhard’s patient, Christina Bock, couldn't hear or understand everything and the cause was unclear. She found conversations without eye contact were challenging and her hearing condition impacted on her day to day life. However, the results of various listening tests by an ear, nose and throat specialist didn't reveal anything and only after finally being referred to Reinhard did her hearing situation improve.

Christina said: “Eventually when I met Reinhard he spent a lot of time with me, was very sensitive and incredibly interested in my life story. Despite the lack of clear medical findings and after many discussions and a long back and forth, he suggested simply trying a hearing aid in one ear.

“I am currently 27 years old and am still incredibly grateful to Reinhard for helping me back then, despite there being no medical need for hearing aids according to the hearing tests. My quality of life has improved enormously thanks to his dedication. We frequently discuss the latest developments in the hearing aid market and every few years try out the technical progress made by new devices."

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