Bilateral cochlear implants to come under government healthcare


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The Spanish Health Ministry has now acknowledged the right to bilateral cochlear implant operations "in children and adults, following personalized medical evaluation". The information has been confirmed by a statement in the official state bulletin (B.O.E.) announcing a reworking and update of public subsidies for surgical implants.

The news was greeted with "satisfaction" by the Spanish Confederation of Families of Deaf Persons (FIAPAS), especially since the government has met its demands without restrictions.

"For several years, during which their efficacy was proved, FIAPAS has demanded that bilateral implants be covered by the Spanish national health system and so that a second implant will not mean more outlay for families who may face credit payments for life, since the implant is always needed," say sources at the organization.

What is still to be decided, they added, is the financing of external components, a subject now being studied by the ministry in the light of proposals and claims from FIAPAS. Since 2010, these externals under consideration are the processor, antenna, and microphone.