VA Audiologists Use Ida Tools to Bring More Patient-Centered Care to Veterans


©F. Lemprire

The Committee for the Veteran Affairs Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology Program Office has developed a document called Implementing Patient-Centered Tools and Resources Created by the Danish Ida Institute in VA Audiology Clinics. The summary document details each Ida tool along with its purpose, description, links to the tool itself, instructions and resources, and possible clinical applications.

According to the Ida Institute, the potential reach of this patient-centered care initiative is considerable. More than 1.6 million veterans have auditory disabilities. The Veterans Health Administration operates one of the largest health care systems in the world and is one of the largest purchasers of hearing aids in the world.

“We are pleased that the VA is adapting Ida tools in their clinical care services,” said Ida Managing Director Lise Lotte Bundesen. “By encouraging VA audiologists to implement the Ida tools in VA audiology clinics, the VA re-affirms our belief that the delivery of comprehensive hearing care services is enhanced by patient centered care.”

Samantha Lewis, PhD, who participated in the small workgroup responsible for drafting the Implementing Patient-Centered Tools and Resources document, presented a two-part session on Motivational Interviewing at the annual Joint Defense Veterans Audiology Conference (JDVAC) in March held in Orlando/FL.

Paula J. Myers, PhD also contributed to the VA ASP Program Office Committee that developed the summary document on the Ida tools. The Ida Motivational Tools are already in use in daily practice at the VA auditory clinics that Dr. Meyers supervises in Tampa. “The staff appreciates that they can incorporate the Line and Circle elements from the completed case history into a dialogue with patients,” explained Dr. Myers. “I think the veterans also appreciate answering the case history questions. It shows them that we are interested in what matters to them even before they walk in the door.”

The entire Ida Toolbox is freely shared and can be downloaded on the Ida Institute website along with support tools on how best to integrate the tools into clinical practice. VA audiologists can access PDFs of the tools and resource documents on the VA Audiology SharePoint.

Source: Ida Institute