Spanish association advocates for hearing aids reimbursement



The Spanish Confederation of Families of the Hearing Disabled, FIAPAS, marked International Day of the Deaf on September 27, 2014, by releasing a manifesto entitled "Let the whole world hear it". The document called for "society's help in, on the one hand, creating greater awareness of the current reality of the deaf and, on the other hand, in creating availability of hearing and oral communication support resources that technological processes now offer the hearing disabled."

FIAPAS' strong message began with a description of how young hearing-impaired persons are trained and how they now have fully normal development. The statement then offered statistics on hearing disabled birth rates, with FIAPAS underlining: "Technology (hearing prostheses, subtitling, magnetic loops, FM systems...) is not a whim of deaf persons but something that is indispensable for their education, for being informed, communicating, and taking part in their environments."

The group also underlines in its manifesto that "although it may be hard to believe, the deaf can have all sounds within their reach thanks to the latest generation of hearing aids and implants. They must be able to afford their use, however, and this is not within reach of all families' economies."

J.L.F., C.M.