Dilemma card game to improve treatment of teenagers with hearing impairment


Ida Institute introduces a new dilemma card game to help clinicians to better navigate the unique challenges of the teenage years for those with hearing impairment.

The Danish Ida Institute, an independent, non-profit organization that aims to foster a better understanding of the human dynamics of hearing loss, recently produced a new version of the dilemma game tool that is designed to better prepare hearing healthcare professionals to deal with clinical situations in this population group. One of the aims of the institute is to promote more patient-centered interactions that can benefit both patients and hearing care professionals.

“The Teens and Tweens Dilemma Game expands the Ida Tool Box of practical, easy-to-implement strategies that help hearing healthcare professionals examine various aspects of the patient experience and consider them from the patient’s perspective,” says Ida Institute Managing Director Lise Lotte Bundesen. “With our newest Ida tool we looked at the unique challenges that clinicians encounter working with young people during a time of life that can be especially tumultuous.”

The new tool consists of a series of dilemma cards that describe challenging situations with three possible solutions overleaf, with the understanding that there is no perfect solution. Examples include problems hearing in school, playing sports, and choosing the right types of hearing aids. Others involve psychological issues such as fitting in, and practical problems like changes in hearing ability. New dilemma cards will be created on a regular basis.

Source: Ida Institute