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63rd EUHA Congress in Hanover


Predicting how cochlear implant recipients will hear speech


Privacy Regulation and Audiology (II)

Privacy regulation in Europe

Privacy Regulation and Audiology (I)

Privacy regulation in Europe

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New center for hearing loss research in Newfoundland, Canada


A new research and development center, called the Genomic-Based R&D Centre for Hearing Science, which focuses on genetic forms of hearing loss, has been opened in Grand Falls-Windsor, reports the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).

The center is being funded by the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA), the provincial government of Newfoundland and Labrador, and Memorial University, St. John’s. This part of Canada was chosen specifically for this type of genetic hearing research because it has what is known by geneticists as a ‘founder population’ and because families here are traditionally large. This means that the research team can assess patterns of hearing loss within families and across multiple generations.

“This is a special day, because this is really about patient impact,” said Terry-Lynn Young, a Memorial University professor who has spent more than a decade carrying out research on specific genes that cause hearing loss in Newfoundland families. “What we’ve never been able to do is actually bring in the families who have hearing loss, and have an in-depth look at what type of loss they have, and perhaps how we can make things better for their hearing aids,” she added.

One of the aims is to work with computer modelling to develop algorithms and then incorporate the results into hearing devices to improve hearing aid performance for people with different types of hearing loss. McMaster University in Hamilton and Western University in London, Ontario will also provide support to the center.

Source: CBC News


Virtual reality experience to immerse the user in silence
Virtual reality experience to immerse the user in silence



Australia’s Shepherd Centre, a charity providing a family-centered early intervention program to teach children born deaf or with hearing loss how to develop spoken language, has developed the experience to help people appreciate this condition.

Hearing tests more likely in Germany
Hearing tests more likely in Germany

Eurotrak 2018


45 % of people questioned in the latest Eurotrak survey in Germany say they have had a hearing test in the last five years, far higher than numbers reported in France and the UK.

"The digital transformation will not replace experts"


© M. Matos

François Julita, Phonak’s director of digital experience, is responsible for developing digital solutions for responding in better ways to the needs of hearing aid users and hearing care professionals.

Congratulations to the new European AOTY!
Congratulations to the new European AOTY!


Benjamin Schadow, owner of Hörstil in Erfurt, Germany, has been announced as the 2018 European Audiologist of the Year (AOTY), just weeks after scooping the German Audiologist of the Year title.

AWN EUHA congress special in its 5th year
AWN EUHA congress special in its 5th year

EUHA 2018

Hopefully you are no stranger to our Audiology Worldnews EUHA Congress special print issue as this is the 5th year we provide you with our magazine at the 63rd International Congress of Hearing Aid Audiologists.

Martin Blecker: "At 8,000 delegates, EUHA congress the world's largest convention of its kind"
Martin Blecker:

EUHA 2018

The 63rd EUHA congress will start this Wednesday, October 17, in Hanover. We spoke to Martin Blecker, EUHA president, about the 2018 edition.

Digitization a focus for the German audiology congress
Digitization a focus for the German audiology congress

EUHA 2018


From Wednesday 17th October, thousands of audiologists, doctors, students, hearing aid dispensers and industry personnel will descend on Hannover for the 63rd European Union of Hearing Aid Acousticians (EUHA) Congress.

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New GSI Allegro launchedNew GSI Allegro launched

Grason-Stadler (GSI) is pleased to announce the release of a new handheld screening tympanometer, the GSI Allegro™.  [ ... ]

Microson will present M4 Open at the EUHA congressMicroson will present M4 Open at the EUHA congress

© Microson

Microson, the only Spanish manufacturer of hearing aids, will attend the EUHA Congress to present their new hearing aid, M4 Open, an innovative open-fit solution. [ ... ]

Hansaton launches beat SHD power hearing systemHansaton launches beat SHD power hearing system

Hansaton presents the beat SHD product family, its most powerful BTE hearing systems with SHD technology for significant hearing loss. [ ... ]