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Audiology Worldnews AudiologyNOW!2016 Special Issue
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It’s that time of year again for the largest global gathering of audiologists. The 2016 AudiologyNOW! conference is in Phoenix, Arizona, and more than 6,000 hearing healthcare professionals are here or on their way to the capital of the Grand Canyon State. The 28th annual conference of the American Academy of Audiology starts today (Wednesday 13th April) and runs until Saturday 16, 2016. Four days of education, technology, networking and a little bit of fun!

Each year, the conference evolves and something new is offered. This year the ‘new thing’ is the Industry Symposia, which takes place on the first day. Three companies will hold separate, three-hour sessions developed by industry that give a deeper look into the latest products, services, and technology developments in the field. Care Credit will host a session entitled “Aligning Pricing and Services with the Patient Path to Purchase,” Resound’s session is entitled “Bringing Smart Hearing Aids to Your Practice and Patients,” and Starkey’s session will look at “Uncovering New Realities in Hearing and Hearing Science.”

Popular events like the speciality conferences return once again on the opening day. The Academy Research Council (ARC) conference looks at CAPD evaluation and treatment, whilst the Student Academy of Audiology event runs in parallel with ARC.

The first day of AudiologyNOW! will also open with seven Learning Labs, as well as learning modules and featured sessions starting at 1:00 pm and these run until Saturday. The day ends with the opening of the exhibit hall to host Celebrate Audiology, the opening-night party. Attendees will enjoy live theatrics and roving entertainment, as they meet with colleagues and industry representatives. The exhibit hall will feature approximately 170 exhibitors, highlighting their latest research and technology, new products, and services in hearing health care, as well as quick solutions and industry updates educational sessions.

And then the conference officially opens on Thursday morning with the ‘General Assembly’ and a keynote address from Orna Drawas.

“The Program Committee has worked over the last year to make this convention one of the best to date,” said Joscelyn Martin, AuD, Program Committee chair for AudiologyNOW! 2016. “With a backdrop like sunny Phoenix, AudiologyNOW! will inspire you to create a bright future—for your individual practice and for our profession as a whole.”

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Managing difficult personalities
Managing difficult personalities


management psychology

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The grumpy, lazy, manipulative, rude, and jealous. Here, in part two of our four-part series on management psychology, are five toxic types you may find in your practice, store, or office. How do you manage these difficult personalities? Learn some proven psychological stratagems.

Visit to an audiologist may have saved Birmingham man's life
Visit to an audiologist may have saved Birmingham man's life


Hearing Health

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The significance of hearing care - as in both audiologists and hearing technology - is increasingly being pushed up the health ladder. And a recent case of a Specsavers customer getting life-saving advice from his audiologist brightens the spotlight on this importance.

Demant completes purchase of China's leading network of hearing aid clinics
Demant completes purchase of China's leading network of hearing aid clinics



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ShengWang, the Chinese hearing aid chain of some 500 stores this month fully acquired by the Danish hearing giant Demant, brings the makers of Oticon and Philips devices 5% of the Asian country's retail market share.

Audiology mourns the passing of tinnitus "titan" David Baguley
Audiology mourns the passing of tinnitus




The UK audiology community was shocked and saddened Wednesday (June 15) at the announcement by NIHR Nottingham Biomedical Research Centre of the death of its Clinical Hearing Sciences Group lead, Reverend Professor David Baguley.

EUHA Congress draws closer - watch the "save the date" video
EUHA Congress draws closer - watch the




There's just a summer to go - and you know how those fly - until the expansive halls of the Hanover Deutsche Messe convention centre in Germany opens its doors to the audiology world. EUHA is coming, and the organisers' annual video invitation is already here.




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And we thought hearing instrument fittings were getting simpler, writes top audiologist Raúl García-Medina.

Auracast is coming to Bluetooth, boosting movement, inclusion, and participation for hearing device users
Auracast is coming to Bluetooth, boosting movement, inclusion, and participation for hearing device users


hearing tech

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The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG), the standards mover and shaker for the short-range wireless tech now crucial for our key electronic gadgets - and hearing aids - has announced its next major enhancement: Auracast.

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New products

GN ReSound's new Custom is a GN ReSound's new Custom is a "full-time" hearing aid with an earbud design


hearing aids

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Rechargeable and street-stylish, the new ReSound Custom hearing aid has a planned regulatory and global roll-out date of June 29, 2022. It confirms GN Hearing's faith in the attraction of the earbud form factor.

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© Rayovac      RAYOVAC staff with Kate Carr, L to R: Paula Brinson-Pyke- Global Marketing Director- Hearing Aid Batteries, Glen Rutherford- Senior Sales Director- Global OEM & HAB Pro, Kate Carr- President of the Hearing Industries Association, Gary Gray- Plant Manager, Washington

Promising 19% more battery life and nine more hours of wireless streaming, new RAYOVAC battery technology announced at last September’s EUHA Congress is now shipping. The major battery producer - part of Energizer Holdings - is rolling out its Sound Fusion technology upgrade in size 312, 10, and 13 hearing aid batteries, with shipping underway to the company’s Pro Line and Extra customers as from June 1, 2022. 

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Signia's Augmented Xperience (AX) platform welcomes a fresh model and new feature enhancementsSignia's Augmented Xperience (AX) platform welcomes a fresh model and new feature enhancements


Hearing aids

© Signia    Pure312 AX in graphite

Pure 312 AX is the new kid on Signia's Augmented Xperience block. This hearing aid has an RIC design and uses Zn-Air batteries that last for up to four days, boasting direct streaming to Android and iOS devices.

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