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Noise exposure during pregnancy and hearing in children


© Emily Cahal -

A new cohort study has shown that noise exposure during pregnancy can damage the unborn child’s hearing, with an 80% increased risk in noisy occupational environments.

Until recently, it was assumed that unborn children where shielded from noise in the womb but it has been demonstrated that loud noise does in fact reach the fetus. The study carried out by the Institute of Environmental Medicine (IMM) at Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden provides new evidence that women should avoid exposure to high levels of noise while they are pregnant.

The study, to be published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives, included a cohort of over 1.4 million children born in Sweden between 1986 and 2008. Data collected included their mother’s occupation, smoking habits, age, ethnicity, body mass index, leave of absence, and socio-economic factors. Results showed that for the group of part-time and full-time workers, the adjusted hazard ratio (HR) for hearing dysfunction associated with maternal occupational noise exposure greater than 85 dB versus less than 75 dB was 1.27 (95% CI). For full-time workers as a group, the HR was 1.82 (95% CI).

“The Swedish Work Environment Authority recommendation is that pregnant women should avoid noise levels of over 80 dBA, but unfortunately this recommendation is not always followed,” says Jenny Selander, lead author for the study. “Our study shows how imperative it is for employers to observe this recommendation. Even if pregnant women themselves use ear protectors in noisy environments, the babies they’re carrying remain unprotected.”

Source: Karolinska Institutet; Selander J, et al. Maternal Occupational Exposure to Noise during Pregnancy and Hearing Dysfunction in Children: A Nationwide Prospective Cohort Study in Sweden. Environmental Health Perspectives 2015 Dec 8.


GICCA 2017 gets under way "listening to each other" in Santiago, Chile
GICCA 2017 gets under way


Opening ceremony at GICCA 2017© P.C.

"Let's listen to each other in Chile" was the motto welcoming the 800 hearing professionals from 24 countries gathered at the 7th Iberoamerican conference on cochlear implants and related sciences - GICCA 2017 - which runs in Santiago from Sunday April 23 to 26.

Virtual reality application to experience the world through aging bodies
Virtual reality application to experience the world through aging bodies


© KimCarpenter NJ -

The new app, developed at the University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK USA, is one of several virtual reality experiences available at the university.

Triton Hearing innovates in teleaudiology
Triton Hearing innovates in teleaudiology


everythingpossible _ 123RF

New Zealand audiology chain Triton Hearing is introducing a world first with a new unique teleaudiology model aimed at reaching more people and providing easy and affordable access to professional advice about hearing.

OTC hearing aids in the US: more reactions
OTC hearing aids in the US: more reactions


© Jean Scheijen -

The rare bipartisan (Democrat-Republican) push from lawmakers that is aimed at reducing regulations on the sale of hearing aids is putting the spotlight on this area of healthcare in a new way.

Cognitive system that hears more objectively than humans
Cognitive system that hears more objectively than humans

Sound perception

One of the robots used by Fraunhofer © Fraunhofer

At the Hannover Messe 2017, one of the world’s leading industrial shows, Fraunhofer will present a cognitive system that detects erroneous sounds more objectively than the human ear.

Canadian Hearing Society workers on strike


Workers at the Canadian Hearing Society (CHS) have been on strike in a conflict that is interpreted as financial but also cultural,

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The CoinPower series - VARTA MicrobatteryThe CoinPower series - VARTA Microbattery

Designers of portable medical devices and electronic products are familiar with their challenges of space and weight reduction.  [ ... ]

MED-EL launches Adhear in the Middle EastMED-EL launches Adhear in the Middle East


New non-surgical bone conduction solution by MED-EL © MED-EL

MED-EL recently held a press conference in Dubai, UAE to announce the Middle East launch of its adhesive adaptor/audio processor hearing solution, Adhear.

 [ ... ]

Otometrics delivers industry-first fitting functionality for easier verification Otometrics delivers industry-first fitting functionality for easier verification

Otometrics has announced on March 31 the release of a new feature that enables automated fitting to target in a coupler with Aurical® and Phonak Target.  [ ... ]