The Audiology Patient Choice Act introduced in U.S. Senate

Privacy regulation in Europe

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Privacy Regulation and Audiology (I)

Privacy regulation in Europe

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Understanding parental speech to improve hearing aids



Recent research on the characteristics of child-directed speech provides more evidence that mothers and fathers speak to their young children in a different way.

Research presented at the 169th meeting of the Acoustical Society of America, held in Pittsburgh, PA (USA), offers new evidence that fathers speak to their children in a different way than mothers. Although both use child-directed speech known as “motherese”, the sing-song, high pitch tone used when talking to infants and children, there appear to be differences in the way each parent approaches communication.

Scientists from Washington State University’s Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences analyzed data from all-day recordings of the interactions between 11 children with a mean age of 30 months and their parents. They found that fundamental frequency was different when comparing findings for the two parents, as well as frequency variability and range.

The findings suggest that the two distinct forms of child-directed speech may complement one another for the child’s language development. “Dads spoke to their children more like they spoke to other adults rather than in a special way,” said lead author Mark Vandam. “We’ve hypothesized that children get to try out certain kinds of speech with mom and get to try out other kinds of speech with dad.”

The researchers hope that this initial study will lead to more research and provide a way to improve speech recognition algorithms used in hearing aids and cochlear implants for children with hearing impairments.

Source: Tech Times


Hip hearing aids as a fashion statement?
Hip hearing aids as a fashion statement?


Photo: didecs -iStock

Eye glasses are available in all possible shapes, models and colors. But when it comes to hearing aids, invisibility is still often the norm. However, good design can also make all the difference to a hearing aid. Where is the Giorgio Armani of the hearing industry?

Andy Rihs 1942 - 2018
Andy Rihs 1942 - 2018



Andreas (Andy) Rihs, swiss business man, owner of BMC cycling and Young Boys football team, and chief protagonist in the early development of Phonak, has died at the age of 75.

"Lead like a girl", says Tacy M Byham, PhD


Photo: DDI

Tacy M. Byham, PhD was giving the American Academy of Audiology Foundation lecture at this year’ AAA Conference in Nashville, with the title, ‘Lead like a Girl’.

New type of hearing test app from Germany
New type of hearing test app from Germany


IPhone captions of the new app. © Mimi Hearing Technologies

Berlin-based company Mimi Hearing Technologies has developed a new type of hearing app to test the extent to which the user is not hearing 100%, reports Forbes magazine.

"Long gone is the time when we can 'just' be good clinicians"


© E.R.

Eileen C. Rall, AuD, is the Program Chair for the 2018 annual meeting of the American Academy of Audiology. She introduces here this year's AAA, a gathering full of news, learning, exchange, entertainment and, of course, music!

AWN Congress Special: Lead like a girl at AAA
AWN Congress Special: Lead like a girl at AAA


“Doing things ‘Like a girl’ has always been a playground insult, but it represents a much deeper problem that anything women do is weak, silly, or otherwise not worthy of respect.”

New partnership to develop a hearing screening mobile app
New partnership to develop a hearing screening mobile app


© hearZA

The American Academy of Audiology (AAA) has teamed up with hearX group, an e-health start-up from South Africa, to launch the first-ever intensive hearing screening mobile app in the United States.

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MAICO launches new Newborn Hearing Screening webpageMAICO launches new Newborn Hearing Screening webpage

MAICO Diagnostics introduces a new webpage dedicated to newborn hearing screening.

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Delivering The Tools And Information to Excel in Your BusinessDelivering The Tools And Information to Excel in Your Business

© Auditdata


As the global hearing profession faces change and what seems to be many threats, we think it is imperative that businesses have access to the best tools and data. Three things are key to survive and thrive.

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Hansaton's latest RIC hearing system sound SHD streamHansaton's latest RIC hearing system sound SHD stream

Hansaton is presenting its latest RIC hearing system in the sound SHD product family, which offers binaural features for a natural hearing experience and connects directly to Bluetooth® capable* telephones and smartphones thanks to 2.4 GHz wireless technology.  [ ... ]