New products

SeboTek Launches New RIC and BTE Instruments


A new HD2 RIC product family
Available in six technology levels from premium to ultra-value devices, HD2 products incorporate a host of premium adaptive features that provide fully automatic adjustment to the user’s environment with HD sound quality and balance of speech audibility and listening comfort. The intro-HD2 is a new ultra-value instrument which is targeted to be a very affordable and attractive RIC solution in the industry.With it comes a bold, new category of RIC technology.

LiFT2 family
SeboTek also announces the launch of their new LiFT2 family of BTEs and Faceplate assemblies. The LiFT2 family will feature both programmable and non-programmable BTEs in power and super power models, as well as faceplate assemblies in a multitude of options.

Audifon launches vico and eox & via


vico – Simplicity redefined
Elaborately designed and well equipped with advanced hearing system features like the newest Adaptive Noise Reduction and Adaptive Feedback Cancelation, vico measures up to highest standards. vico is available as complete family of BTE- and ITE-devices at a fair price-performance ratio.

eox & via – New family members
With the eox family audifon offers a premium solution for wireless comfort. eox is available in ITE (IS+, IS) as well as BTE housing (M, S). Featuring real-time wireless streaming, eox allows customers to enjoy hands free telephone communication, to watch TV or listen to music through their hearing systems. Moreover, easyclick binaural synchronization allows customers to adjust volume and choose a program by only touching one hearing system. Using the audifon multistreamer, customers will be able to connect to various devices for ease and comfort in listening. Introducing the via IS, audifon’s wireless CROS/BiCROS family now offers additional choices for customers with an unaidable hearing loss on one side. All via products use high-bandwidth audio transmission to transfer audio signals from the customer’s unaidable ear to the better ear. via guarantees best speech intelligibility and superior hearing quality.
Find out more on booth #1637

Unitron Introduces Moxi Kiss


Unitron announces Moxi™ Kiss, a 312 receiver in canal (RIC) hearing instrument with a design aimed at improving patient acceptance. Released on the Era™ platform, it represents an evolution in design for Unitron’s Moxi product family, putting the comfort of the patient at the forefront. Within Moxi Kiss is Unitron’s Automatic Program incorporating SmartFocus™ and SpeechZone™ technologies which provide natural sound quality, speech intelligibility in noise and undetectable transitions to changing sound environments.Additionally, a RIC slider pin makes changing receivers easier. The programming jack is angled for easy cable plug in for fitting."Beautiful in form and powerful in performance” says Jan Metzdorff, President, Unitron.
Moxi Kiss will be available beginning in March 2013. Contact your local Unitron representative for availability in your market.

International Launch of SONIC BLISS 100 & BLISS 80


Sonic has launched its newest full line of premium hearing instruments that are designed to maximize user delight. It is built on the Speech Variable Processing (SVP) platform of Sonic. Bliss is equipped with the latest Adaptive Feedback Canceller from Sonic. This Canceller proactively attacks feedback, resulting in consistently squeal-free, easy listening. Add to this the finesse of Speech Priority Noise Reduction, which preserves speech clarity in noisy situations, as well as the convenience of Bluetooth® wireless connectivity, and the result is a host of benefits that users will find blissful. Hearing care professionals can order Bliss as a miniBTE in a selection of matte or sleek metallic hair and skin colors, or as custom instrument models in 4 skin tones. The Bliss lineup is offered at both premium (Bliss 100) and advanced (Bliss 80) technology levels with fitting ranges that cater from mild to severe hearing losses, including custom Power products.

New tool soon available for different languages

As any audiologist can tell you, it’s not always easy providing effective hearing solutions for people who speak different languages. But that could soon change, according to Toronto audiologist Marshall Chasin. Chasin says a new piece of software, now in development, could soon allow various language speakers to work with their audiologists to capture


Otoform Xpand : First Impression Material Created for Older Patients

Otoform Xpand has been formulated with older patients in mind: by gently expanding in the canal,Xpand compensates for tissue weakness – a cause of poor earmould sealing for many patients.Xpand is easy to squeeze, making it a good tool for general use and deeper impressions as well. (distributed by PC Werth in the UK, manufactured & developped by Dreve)

The new X-Micro by HANSATON

The new HANSATON X-Micro is a companion for style-conscious newcomers and for hearing system wearers who wish to keep their hearing loss private. It has fancy accents such as the user-friendly, diamond-shaped program pushbutton. This hearing system is available in seven color variations. Thanks to the interchangeable shell concept, individual color combinations can also be assembled. With its new XearA technology, this tiny hearing system offers technological innovations that guarantee sound quality and hearing comfort. It also offers optimized speech detection and suppression of interfering noise. With its Natural Sound, the user can enjoy an especially natural sound quality. Thanks to its acoustic feedback system, disruptive feedback is also a thing of the past.

Starkey Hearing Technologies Introduces Tinnitus Treatment Solution and New Wireless Products

Starkey introduced its new tinnitus treatment solution and two new members to its wireless family. Distributed under the Starkey brand name, Xino™ Tinnitus combines advanced hearing aid technology designed to provide personalized tinnitus relief. Xino Wireless includes the new micro RIC 312 that offers the benefits of Starkey’s IRIS™ Technology. The "best-fit" tinnitus algorithm sets the tinnitus stimulus according to the patient's audiogram, but also, 16 bands of frequency adjustments and a novel modulation algorithm make it easy to shape the stimulus to fit the patient's unique tinnitus experience. Finally, Starkey says SoundPoint Tinnitus allows patients to become active partners in fine-tuning relief to their precise preferences, which helps ensure greater success.

GN Resound launches Made for iPhone accessory and accompanying app

Hearing-aided people can use an iPhone to control their hearing aids in a manner that is elegant, intuitive, and absolutely discreet. ReSound Control is a free download on the App Store which extends and enhances the use of the ReSound Unite Phone Clip+. Users can control their hearing aids, phone conversations and wireless streaming accessories from their iPhone screen. Soon to be available for AndroidTM smartphones as well.

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RONDO, MedEl's single-unit processor for implants, CE Mark and FDA approved


MED-EL announces the CE Mark and FDA approvals of the RONDO Single-Unit Processor for cochlear implants. This new, compact audio processor design combines the coil, control unit, and battery pack into a single device that is worn off the ear. Full market availability of the RONDO is expected in Spring of 2013. RONDO is based on the OPUS audio processor platform, and features the same signature technologies, Automatic Sound Management and FineHearing. It may be worn by all users of MED-EL cochlear implants and includes the FineTuner remote control unit.