New products

GN ReSound announces the world’s first “Made for iPhone” hearing aid


GN ReSound announces ReSound LiNX™, an entirely new premium hearing aid, taking Surround Sound by ReSound™ to a new level and further expanding its lead in connectivity. GN ReSound’s third generation 2.4 GHz wireless technology is based on the new smartRange™ chipset.

With ReSound LiNX™, hearing impaired people will be able to stream music and phone calls directly from an Apple iPhone to their hearing aids. The streaming is possible without any intermediary body worn device.

It will be made available in a limited release later this year, followed by a global launch during the first quarter of 2014. Under the Beltone brand the equivalent Beltone First™ will be launched following the same release pattern.

New Siemens Hearing Instrument Nitro


Nitro hearing systems have already been on the market since 2007. They were especially developed for the needs of people with severe to profound hearing loss.The new Nitro BtE instrument now offers even better performance in a housing that is nearly one-third smaller than that of the previous model. It has a substantially slimmer design and also fits behind a baby’s ears. Regardless of whether it is utilized in childhood or as an adult, the new Nitro BTE takes the various requirements of all age groups into account, both acoustically and through security features for babies. If the parents request it, the acoustician can activate a battery compartment safety feature or a lock on the control elements. At the same time it is protected from water and dust according to the industrial standard IP 67.

All Nitro models that are equipped with wireless connection capability synchronize sound and volume settings in cases where both ears have hearing aids. This binaural technology, which was developed by Siemens in cooperation with research scientists at Oldenburg University, was presented with the German Future Prize (Deutscher Zukunftspreis) by the German President.

In addition, the Nitro BtE is also compatible with nearly all FM systems via an optional audio shoe.Siemens has also equipped the Nitro hearing aid series with a special tinnitus feature and they amplify up to a 140 decibel sound pressure level.

The new Nitro ITE devices are available starting immediately, the new BTE devices will be available starting at the beginning of 2014.

Interacoustics launches EyeSeeCam vHIT system for measurements of the VOR


EyeSeeCam Video Head Impulse Test (vHIT) has been launched by Interacoustics for quick and objective measurements of the vestibular ocular reflex (VOR).

The EyeSeeCam vHIT system comprises a light weight goggle with a high-frequency camera, head accelerometer, calibration laser and a laptop. Thanks to its no-slippage-goggle design, EyeSeeCam vHIT produces more accurate and reliable test results, and the flexible design allows for testing on left or right eye on a wide range of patients.

During data collection, eye and head movements can be viewed simultaneously in real time, and a practical “impulse guide” will help the user to adjust their impulses to the correct amplitude and velocity. EyeSeeCam vHIT features a comprehensive test report with instantaneous velocity measurements as well as velocity regression. The informative report displays both overt and covert saccades in 2D or 3D rotations as well as gain calculations @ 40, 60 and 80 ms.

Innovative solutions with the Quest platform for Phonak


With the Naída Q product family plus the expanded Wireless Communication Portfolio, Phonak presents a solution for people with severe to profound hearing loss: The Phonak wireless accessories provide the extra boost that people with severe to profound hearing loss often need in challenging listening situations. The expanded portfolio includes microphones based on the new Roger technology that bridges the understanding gap in noise and over distance: the Roger Pen and the Roger Clip-On Mic. This new technology, running on the 2.4 GHz band, improves understanding in these situations. The compact wireless Roger Clip-On Mic can be worn on the shirt. The Roger Pen with fully automated microphone settings and Bluetooth cell phone connectivity can be placed on the table, held in the hand... The new Phonak DECT cordless phone simultaneously transmits sound to both hearing aids and increases speech understanding.

The new Phonak solutions for the cost-conscious, Phonak Baseo Q-15 and Tao Q-15, enable great sound based on the Quest technology and an outstanding first fit acceptance.

In addition to its new products based on the Quest platform, Phonak presents the new Lyric.It has been engineered to perform for even more people with an increased gain of 2dB and an additional volume level. The innovative and compact design geometrically fits 75%* of the eligible users. Thanks to the improved module encapsulation, lateral oleo- and hydrophobic nano-coating plus a medial cerumen shield the new Lyric provides greater device protection against earwax and moisture.

The complete portfolio of solutions presented at the EUHA congress 2013 will be immediately available in the market.

* Fit rates calculated on a study population of 450 ears, after screening out 254 ears from an initial population of 704 ears, due to medical (e.g. uncontrolled diabetes, new to anticoagulation therapy, immune issues, poor skin quality, etc.) and other lifestyle contraindications, as outlined on the medical screening form.

Phonak Sky Q: Because a child is not a small adult


Dedicated pediatric Phonak Sky Q family and an expanded range of wireless solutions, including the new Roger technology, support children every step of the way.

The Phonak Sky Q product portfolio includes four models (including a size 13 RIC) across three performance levels based on the powerful Quest platform. The Mix & Match color range with 17 housing colors and seven ear hook tones (such as “Caribbean Pirate” and “Dragon Orange”) lets children create their personal hearing aid design. The non-linear frequency compression algorithm SoundRecover ensures maximum access to high-frequency sounds that are essential for children to develop age-appropriate speech and language skills. Furthermore, the Roger technology bridges the understanding gap in noise and over distance, ensuring optimized access to speech even in challenging listening situations (classroom, playground). The enhanced Phonak Target Junior mode allows hearing care professionals to fit even more accurately and verify that the hearing aids are programmed correctly.

Varta Microbattery showcases new products at the EUHA congress


VARTA Microbattery will be showcasing new hearing aid batteries at the EUHA Congress in Nuremberg.

The company will be presenting power one "wireless approved" MERCURY-FREE cells in types 13 and 312. Over 150 VARTA Microbattery researchers and developers designed these hearing aid batteries for maximum performance. Innovative cathode technology and continuous high voltage ensures the purest sound and premium quality in the hearing aid. The new power one "wireless approved" MERCURY-FREE cell is the optimum energy source for wireless devices and the latest generation of hearing aids as well as Bluetooth application.

The product portfolio of power one has also been expanded to include the power one IMPLANT plus 13. This battery was developed for hearing aids with high-power applications such as streaming.

SEBO HD2 - New RIC product line


SeboTek introduces a new line of six high fidelity products with the release of Sebo HD2. Continuing to build on its reputation of the best sounding hearing care products in the industry, SeboTek features industry leading bandwidth of 14kHz and 111 channels of processing that is protected by the latest in moisture protection nano-technology. HD2 utilizes Auto-Sync which is a hands free listening mode that manages the adaptive features of the hearing aid to ensure maximum listening comfort, enhanced speech audibility and a high definition sound experience regardless of the environment.

The Intro HD2 is SeboTek’s newest RIC instrument for individuals needing a low cost hearing solution. The design of the Intro HD2 brings the benefits of RIC technology at an affordable price level for every economic and social demographic.

New kind of hearing implant forthcoming

The German company Auric, known for its activities to shorten health care trajectories, is together with several research groups involved in the development of a new, tiny middle ear implant for people with average to severe hearing problems.


Bernafon: Upcoming launch of Carista 5¦3


With Carista, Bernafon’s Swiss-engineered Audio EfficiencyTM technology will be available in two complete mid-range hearing system families. The user will be able to count on improved speech understanding, enhanced listening comfort, and more opportunities for individualization. “We are especially excited to bring wireless connectivity to our mid-range instruments with Carista”, says Giuseppe Romaniello, Carista Product Manager. “A direct input from the TV, mobile phone, GPS, etc., with less background noise, can really make listening much easier and more comfortable. And, in this price category, it’s a great feature.” Carista hearing instruments are also more comfortable to wear thanks to the Adaptive Feedback Canceller Plus, Adaptive Noise Reduction Plus and Transient Noise Reduction features.Four BTE and six custom instrument styles are offered in various colors, along with a variety of acoustic options.

RESONANCE will launch new devices at 58th EUHA


RESONANCE is an Italian diagnostic solution provider of hearing assessment. The new premium product launched at EUHA is RESONANCE R17A, an innovative handheld touch-screen diagnostic audiometer. The device guarantees maximum portability, no extra-accessories needed to perform audiometric screening's tests, large editable memory included, easy to be transferred to PC thanks to Bluetooth connectivity with the MDS software for data management.