New products

DREAM CIC MICRO – One of the smallest CIC’s on the market


Widex is pleased to introduce the ultra-small DREAM CIC MICRO, perfect for those of your clients who appreciate a very discreet hearing solution.

Based on the DREAM platform, the CIC MICRO is built on the TRUE ISP platform, proven to provide better sound quality in situations with loud noise. This means that even in very difficult listening situations, such as being at a restaurant or at a sporting event, users have state–of-the-art sound quality - despite wearing very small and discreet hearing aids.


Phonak Audéo V: Next generation RIC hearing aid family based on new Venture platform


Phonak introduces Audéo V, powered by a new chip technology that offers twice the processing power while reducing battery consumption up to 30% is available in four new styles and in four performance levels.


At EUHA, audifon will present its visitors several highlights


audifon will introduce its new RITE-housing, which is the perfect mix between an elegant design and a well-balanced feature set. Two different receiver units with an amplification of up to 55dB make it suitable for a broad fitting range and are moreover easy to exchange in no time at all.


Unitron delivers natural sound for all with Shine™ Rev


Unitron introduces Shine Rev, the newest family of entry level hearing instruments that delivers the most natural sound in its class. Powered by Era™, Shine Rev’s best-in-class features work together to increase listening comfort and speech clarity.


Aurical new features and fitting will be showcased at EUHA 2014


“Visitors to our booth will have a unique chance to see and experience first-hand the flexibility and modularity of AURICAL, and how AURICAL can drive efficiency throughout the fitting process.”


Update to the Affinity2.0 integrated fitting solution supporting the clinician’s daily use in the clinic

Interacoustics released the new Affinity software, version 2.4.0. This new version includes multiple features such as


Otoharmonics Receives FDA 510(k) Clearance for the Levo System


For use in temporarily relieving the symptoms of tinnitus, the Levo System is a personalized, neuroscience-based sound therapy. Leveraging the brain’s natural cognitive abilities, Levo identifies and maps an individual’s unique sound print using custom-fit ear buds and proprietary software on Apple iPad® and iPod® touch mobile digital devices.


Smartphone app to test real-world hearing conditions


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Researchers at the University of Iowa (UI, Iowa City) are hoping to use a smartphone application to improve hearing loss technology.


Hearing aid simulator shows how algorithms work in real-time


WaveTech– Soluções Tecnológicas, a recently established Brazilian company has developped a free ap that reproduce the most common features embarked on hearing aids. ‘Woalá’ ( is a simulator whose purpose is to show how a hearing aid works, explore the effects of its main algorithms and, finally, raise awareness among hearing impaired people who still haven’t looked for treatment.


New Product Development Kit for Rechargeable, Silver-Zinc Battery Applications

Zpower Product Development Kit
Silver-Zinc Rechargeable Batteries

ZPower has released a new Product Development Kit to help product designers evaluate its rechargeable, silver-zinc battery technology for upcoming product designs for hearing instruments, medical devices, wearable computing and other applications.

ZPower rechargeable silver-zinc batteries deliver up to three times the energy in both XR41/312 and XR48/13 battery sizes compared to traditional nickel metal-hydride rechargeable batteries. Silver-zinc technology also has significant energy density advantages over lithium-ion microbatteries while operating at a lower voltage.

The Product Development Kit is available to product designers, engineers and developers for applications in any industry that would benefit from a high energy density rechargeable microbattery.