New products

VitaSound Personal Audio Enhancers™


Introducing the next generation of Assistive Listening Devices.

Hear TV and phone calls, and converse in noisy environments like never before. Patented Neuro-Compensator® technology makes it all possible.


New Amplivox Otowave 202-H Tympanometer


Providing fast, objective middle ear measurements, the Otowave 202-H features a range of test functions including user defined 1000Hz and 226Hz probe tone impedance measurements and a user programmable range of both ipsi and contra lateral reflex test measurements at 500Hz, 1kHz, 2kHz and 4kHz.


New range of earplugs from Alpine Hearing Protection

Alpine Earplugs

In January 2015, Alpine Hearing Protection is launching a completely new range of hearing protectors that offer natural noise attenuation and a comfortable fit. Consumers have the choice of six different hearing protectors: SleepSoft, PartyPlug, FlyFit, SwimSafe, Pluggies Kids and WorkSafe. Each hearing protector has its own specific attenuating filter for use in different situations. This offers the wearer the assurance that their hearing is appropriately protected. In addition, all hearing protectors have a new shape. The earplugs fit better and are even more comfortable to wear.


New version for "Balance Function Assessment and Management"

Balance Function assessment and Management

Balance Function Assessment and Management, Second Edition with seven new chapters, addresses the assessment and treatment of balance system impairments through contributions from top experts in the areas of dizziness and vertigo. It is mainly designed for use in graduate audiology programs and by practicing audiologists, but is also a valuable text for those in the fields of physical therapy, otolaryngology, and neurology.


New iPad iAudiometer app


In December 2014, MelMedtronics introduced a New iPad iAudiometer app. The iAudiometer is a full-function, professional, clinical audiometer that meets ANSI 3.6-2010 and EN Standards.

The iAudiometer can be calibrated like any traditional audiometer (Calibration Instructions are included). Compatible transducers are also the usual ones: TDH-39, TDH-49, DD45, ER-3, ER-5 and B71.


Widex India launches a new range of hearing aids


The Indian affiliate of Danish hearing aid manufacturer Widex has launched its new range of hearing aids called Dream CIC Micro for the first time in the country.


The new Vibrant Soundbridge

The Samba Audio Processor

MED-EL has launched the new generation of the Vibrant Soundbridge System, an active middle ear implant system for conductive, mixed or sensorineural hearing loss. The system, comprising the Vibrant Soundbridge implant and the new Samba audio processor* was unveiled at the "International Vibrant Soundbridge & Bonebridge Symposium 2014" in Rome. The Vibrant Soundbridge is now approved for MRI scans at 1.5 Tesla. The audio processor offers a contemporary design while setting new standards in sound and signal processing. The Vibrant Soundbridge middle ear implant is now available in all countries that recognise the CE mark.


Patented Otoplastic Film

The patented otoplastic film is a new generation of otoplastic. It is developped specifically for slim tube and external earmolds and is produced only plug-shapped.


New Interacoustics website

Interacoustics introduces a new responsive website with a total design makeover to adapt to all desktop and handheld devices.“We’ve created a website that [...]shows what Interacoustics is all about. You can now access our online training center Interacoustics Academy, and get easy access to all relevant material as well as information about our company and its history” says Rie Søbye, Director of Marketing..

Highlights of the new website:

  • New product pages with sidebar navigation for better mobile experience
  • Easy search for products and solutions as well as download of brochures and other material
  • Updated and new content in the ‘About us’ menu for easy access to information about history and values
  • Interacoustics Academy – online training and access to materials related to audiological and vestibular technologies

Info: Interacoustics website