WIDEX EASYWEAR - "The Perfect Fit"


Widex introduces EASYWEAR, a new wire and receiver ear-tip solution. EASYWEAR solves the challenges many hearing aid users experience with RIC/RITE devices, in particular lateral migration and the unpleasant cosmetic gap between ear wire and head. To do this, Widex have completely rethought the design of the wire so that EASYWEAR allows for a better physical fit, more stability in the ear canal and a more cosmetically appealing appearance.

  • EASYWEAR is easy and quick to fit, saving you time
  • The unique design of EASYWEAR bends the wire close to the user’s head to give a more comfortable, secure fit and no lateral migration
  • The construction of EASYWEAR is robust so it stays connected
  • Small and discreet, EASYWEAR can be enjoyed by a wider range of your clients

Info: widex.pro/easywear