In Sync with Natural Hearing


MED-EL announced the official launch of the SYNCHRONY system – a new cochlear implant system. It includes the SYNCHRONY (PIN) implant* offering the greatest MRI safety possibilities currently on the cochlear implant market (high-resolution MRI scans up to 3.0 Tesla) and the SONNET audio processor specifically designed to mimic the processing of sound more naturally. These features make the SYNCHRONY system the new pioneering solution for all cochlear implant candidates. The new SYNCHRONY cochlear implant system will be available in all countries that recognize the CE mark.

Additionally the new system is based on MED-EL’s Triformance concept. The unique Triformance concept combines Complete Cochlear Coverage, Structure Preservation and the FineHearing sound coding technology to deliver the best possible hearing to cochlear implant recipients.

Dr. Ingeborg Hochmair, CEO of MED-EL, is pleased to officially announce the launch of the new cochlear implant system: “Never before has the market seen a cochlear implant that doesn’t require surgical removal of the magnet for a high-resolution, 3.0 Tesla MRI scan”. “Combined with a new audio processor that offers advanced technologies available only from MED-EL, the SYNCHRONY Cochlear Implant can give our recipients the best speech and music perception possible today. We are proud to bring such an innovative CI system to the market.”

* The SYNCHRONY (PIN) implant is pending regulatory approval