Otometrics New Paediatric Module

Astera 2

Otometrics now offers an integrated pediatric module with VRA control with their popular MADSEN Astera2 hearing assessment solution.

Designed specifically for testing children 6 months to 6 years

This dedicated module has been developed based on the needs of pediatric professionals around the world and is designed specifically to meet the challenges of testing children from 6 months to 6 years.

Easy to use VRA interface

The pediatric solution in Astera2 runs within the OTOsuite software application so it’s easy to use. The new control panel features an intuitive VRA interface that facilitates smooth transition within test modalities, making it easy to focus on the child. And the new intuitive touch screen interface enhances this concept even more. A USB infrared transmitter connects with the VRA accessory (Pehratek) allowing you to keep eye contact and reward the child with a single click. You control the stimulation as well as the visual reinforcers as needed. The test modality is also supported by pediatric features such as a pediatric speech list, FRESH noise stimulation, the built-in talk to assistant and much more. The pediatric application is optional and for free in MADSEN Astera2.

If you are an existing Astera2 user, all you need is a simple software upgrade to expand your possibilities for assessing and diagnosing hearing loss in young children. If you are new to Astera2, the module is delivered with all new Astera2 solutions.

Info: GN Otometrics