Rexton’s new M-Core hearing aid range aimed especially at “essential workers”


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The Rexton brand (WS Audiology) has released a new line-up of rechargeable M-Core behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids, which includes the M-Core B-Li HP, a device delivering up to 61 hours of battery life on a single charge.

For moderate to severe hearing loss, the new M-Core hearing aids feature the MotionCore platform with High Resolution Soundpro technology that automatically improves speech understanding in over 120 common hearing scenarios.

The M-Core B-Li M includes inductive charging technology and boasts up to 21 hours of runtime, including up to 5 hours of streaming. The M-Core B-Li P includes galvanic charging technology, is T-coil equipped, and boasts up to 27 hours of runtime including up to 5 hours of streaming. The M-Core B-Li HP – the company’s first BTE high-power – also comes with an optional T-coil and includes galvanic charging technology and boasts up to 61 hours of runtime, including up to 5 hours of streaming.

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All three models are available in ten color combinations and are compatible with Rexton accessories and platforms including Smart Key, Smart Mic, Smart Transmitter, and the Rexton app – which is the all-in-one remote companion that controls functions like volume, program change, microphone pattern, and more.

Christine Sever, General Manager of Rexton, points out that these hearing aids are aimed at frontline workers. “Increasingly, wearers need to be able to prioritize device cleanliness, especially our front-line essential workers and first responders,” says Sever. “The new Rexton Charging Station+ delivers convenient on-to-go charging and sanitization so that wearers can rely on Rexton in any situation.”

“This past year demonstrates just how much the country relies on our essential workers – from the factory workers and logistics personnel that are the backbone of our economy to the first responders and medical professionals that have kept us safe,” stated Sever. “Our all-new M-Core hearing aids are designed for these Americans, delivering a solution that they can count on to help them live and work as effectively, efficiently, and dependably as possible.”

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“Rexton wearers want to hear their best in every situation, yet they don’t have the time to manually adjust settings based on where they are and what they’re doing. The new High-Resolution Soundpro does this heavy lifting for them, auto-adjusting settings based on the highly specific environments so wearers can get back to what matters most in life.”


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