Delivering the hearing care of tomorrow. Today.


As the global hearing care profession faces disruptive change, we think it is more imperative than ever that retail audiology businesses seize the opportunity to improve the way they manage and deliver their core services.

New technologies in hearing healthcare offer the opportunity to query and correlate unprecedented levels of data. Remote fitting, computer-aided rehabilitation strategies and patient feedback systems for example all provide new levels of information.

Whether you are a one site family owned practice or a multi-site global retail business, we believe the way best way to embrace the future is to bring yourself in a position where you can leverage your data to make faster and better business decisions.

Auditdata One is the only all-in-one software and service platform on the market that integrates intelligent audiometry with practice management as well as lead generation, business analytics and the professional services and support to make it all work.

With visibility and deep insights into what matters, this empowers you to measure what matters, streamline your operational performance, drive accountability, and ultimately deliver better treatment for people with hearing loss.

Better and faster fact-based decisions

The business intelligence component of Auditdata One provides real-time reporting on what brings value across your business including the often-unknown dimensions of why.

Most companies know which clinic delivers the best sales results, where the return rate is at an all-time high or which brand perform best. Few, however, can explain why and make strategic changes based on this to improve the operational performance of their business.

Superior operational performance

Many audiology clinics struggle with underutilization of staff or issues related to time spent on wrong things. Having an overview of staff skills and their level of training is also a known issue, particularly if staff skills do not match requirements of treatment protocols.

Moreover, pairing and selling the right hearing aid make or model that corresponds to the hearing loss of a given patient is sometimes also a challenge. Especially because failing to do so leads to higher return rates. Auditdata One directly addresses these challenges by capturing relevant data about issues that matter, enabling you to make decisions that matter.

Accountability for clinical quality and consistency

The clinical evaluation of people with hearing loss, is often referred to as the ‘silent hour’ since the data that is captured as part of testing and fitting procedures is not used for analysis or correlated with other data. Consequently, there is often no information about whether or not clinics follow the treatment protocols that are in place ensure that best practices across clinics, brands, and borders are followed.

Auditdata One changes this with connected audiometry and fitting verification, allowing full centralised control and in-depth clinical data for analysis.

Strengthen your lead conversion and retain your customers

Hearing loss is a major cause of disability globally and the unmet need for care is high. Estimates indicate that 67 to 86 percent of adults who might benefit from hearing aids do not use them.

Despite this, acquiring customers is a challenge due to social stigma, financial constraints and a fragmented marketplace. Furthermore, once they receive hearing care, many consumers still find the treatment process and outcomes unsatisfactory.

Auditdata One addresses these challenges head-on with concrete lead-generation tools and customer journey insights.