Microson M4 Open: innovation and technology to improve hearing quality

Microson M4 OPEN
© Microson

Microson, Spain's only hearing aid manufacturer, has showcased the new Microson M4 Open at the EUHA congress in Hannover from October 17 to 19, 2018.

Innovation and technology to improve user's hearing quality

Microson M4 Open is a new, open-fit solution designed with advanced technology to offer users high quality sound from a very small device.

The new Microson M4 Open is the smallest hearing aid in its category and includes a noise reducer to offer users natural sound with less echo, making use of the ear’s natural echo. Additionally, it offers high quality hearing that is guaranteed through 8 independent channels, 16 bands and a feedback canceller. Among its many technological advances, the Microson M4 Open stands out for its wind noise canceller, as well. It also offers the possibility of treating tinnitus through a white noise generator. The new M4 Open is very easy to use, since it allows users to switch programmes with just a click.

Nanoproof by Microson, the company’s commitment to innovation

In an effort to constantly evolve and innovate, Microson continues to include the most cutting-edge technologies in their products. In addition to the new M4 Open, Microson has developed the Nanoproof system. This Microson system is the result of the company’s commitment to evolution and innovation. Nanoproof protects hearing aids internally and externally with a material that is midway between a solid and a liquid, covering all the components, especially the smallest parts, of devices. This coating not only protects hearing aids against humidity and sweat, but also against other external agents. With this advance, Microson, the first hearing aid brand to use plasma as a coating material, offers various, notable advantages to end users.

With over 60 years of experience, Microson manufactures and markets the most advanced hearing solutions, which are the result of combining impeccable production with intensive work in research, development and design. Innovation has been a key component since the company's beginning: it has constantly worked to incorporate the best sound quality in all its products and provide the most effective features.

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