Hansaton launches beat SHD power hearing system

Hansaton beat SHD

Hansaton presents the beat SHD product family, its most powerful BTE hearing systems with SHD technology for significant hearing loss.

With the two behind-the-ear hearing systems in its beat SHD product family, the Hamburg-based hearing system manufacturers at HANSATON have developed their most powerful SHD technology-based hearing systems yet—especially for users with significant to profound hearing loss.

Like all of Hansaton’s hearing systems with SHD technology, these power hearing systems are part of the company’s HearIntelligence™ hearing system portfolio. HearIntelligence™ systems are designed to go beyond compensating hearing loss: they help users discover more natural hearing through hearing systems. The beat SHD RS13 and beat SHD RS675 power hearing systems are available in two battery sizes, and their precise speech, localization, and optimization functions provide users with advanced hearing loss with excellent spatial acoustics and a comfortable hearing experience. The beat SHD RS675 is also powerful enough to benefit users whose hearing impairment borders on deafness as defined by the World Health Organization (WHO4).

The newest version (3.7.0) of Hansaton’s fitting software, scout, offers acousticians the option of beginning the beat SHD fitting process with one of three “power” presets— Classic, Active, or Modern, depending on the individual hearing system wearer’s personal preferences and degree of hearing loss. The presets use hearing-type clustering to make the fitting process quicker and easier for acousticians, while helping hearing system users achieve a comfortable hearing experience even faster.

The beat SHD product family is available in Performance Levels 3, 5, 7, and 9, depending on the hearing system wearer’s preferences and needs. Thanks to their plasma coating, both beat SHD hearing systems are certified according to the stringent IP68 standard. The power hearing systems’ modern designer housings feature an easy-to-open battery compartment and an easy-to-find button, and they are available in six attractive color combinations.

More information on hansaton.de.