MED-EL launches tablet-based planning tool OTOPLAN

MED-EL and CAScination have today announced the launch of a surgical planning software at the 31st Politzer Society meeting in Gran Canaria.

OTOPLAN is a cutting edge surgical planning tool that enables otologic surgeons to map their patients’ exact anatomy, before they even make their first incision. Using computerised tomography (CT) scans, the tablet-based tool generates tailored 3D models allowing superior operation planning and precision versus existing technology.

MED-EL CEO Dr Ingeborg Hochmair said, “OTOPLAN is the result of several years of collaboration with CAScination to develop the next generation of surgery planning tools. Giving surgeons the ability to map, in clear 3D, each one of their patients’ cases allows them to make key surgical decisions to plan the best possible outcome like never before.”

OTOPLAN provides surgeons with exceptional information for enhanced surgical planning and decision making. In the case of cochlear implant surgery, OTOPLAN enables surgeons to visualise the optimal cochlear implant electrode array from MED-EL’s comprehensive electrode portfolio for each individual patient.

“Everyone’s anatomy is unique including the shape and size of one’s cochleae. OTOPLAN enables surgeons to visualize the optimal cochlear implant electrode array for each individual patient. This kind of technology has the potential to revolutionize cochlear implant surgery and provide patients with a personalized approach,” Professor Paul van de Heyning, Vice Chairman of the Scientific Committee at HEARRING.

OTOPLAN is approved for countries accepting the CE-Mark. Click here for further information.