GN announces GN FalCom for defense and security forces

GN FalCom

On January 29, the GN Group presents GN FalCom, a fully-fledged hearing protection solution enabling defense and security forces to hear more, do more and be more.

With this advanced tactical hearing protection solution, GN leverages its leading competencies within intelligent audio solutions in both hearing aids and headsets to create an unparalleled noise management solution.

The pioneering and patented hearing protection solution is designed specifically for defense and security forces. The solution offers the user a communication headset which is comfortable, highly durable and protects the user against high volume noise. At the same time, by leveraging GN’s leading expertise within situational awareness, the solution allows its user to clearly identify important sound in 360 degrees.

Leader in intelligent audio solutions

“The GN Group encompasses consumer, professional and medical grade hearing technology under the same roof. This unique platform makes it possible to expand GN’s business into adjacent opportunities within the sound space. With our user-centric approach we aim to be the leader in intelligent audio solutions to transform lives through the power of sound,” says CEO of GN Hearing, Anders Hedegaard.

GN will be starting to build a small, swift group related to this new business opportunity. This year, GN will participate in military tenders in the US and with other NATO-countries. The initiative will not impact GN’s financial guidance for 2018.

The new product line will, under the name GN FalCom, include best in class-features:

Comfort – designed for optimal physical comfort allowing for multiple hours of use in extreme combat situations

Clarity – enables users to localize sounds all around them without the need to remove the earpiece. To maintain high quality communications at all times, GN FalCom will integrate seamlessly with military radio technology

Protection – allowing users to stay connected while benefitting from noise protection. For example, users will experience the highest level of safety without blocking out wanted sounds

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