ConnectClip newest connectivity device for Oticon Opn™

Oticon ConnectClip

Oticon introduces ConnectClip, a state-of-the-art all-in-one wireless Bluetooth microphone and headset for Opn™.

Oticon Opn™ users can now enjoy connectivity to all modern smartphones as well as convenient hands-free communication on the go, coupled with enhanced sound quality and listening experience. This new lifestyle-enhancing accessory from Oticon is yet another ground-breaking technology feature to underline Opn™, the world’s first Internet connected hearing aid, as a trail blazing hearing solution that makes a real difference to the lives of people with hearing loss.

ConnectClip makes normal functionalities conveniently mobile while providing Opn™ users a greater ability to multitask - simultaneously staying engaged in other activities while listening, such as cooking dinner during a call, taking notes in a lecture or listening to music while exercising. With a sleek and simplistic Nordic inspired design, ConnectClip is both modern and inconspicuous, ready for integration into a collection of stylish, everyday tech gadgets.

To date it has been undeniably complicated to use hearing aids with regular headsets. Now, Opn™ wearers can use ConnectClip to very simply connect to Bluetooth-enabled electronic devices to stream high-quality audio wirelessly into their hearing aids. ConnectClip uses low energy Bluetooth to transform Opn™ hearing aids into a wireless stereo headset for iPhone® and Android smartphones, tablets and PCs. A separate small and robust USB dongle is also offered to be used with PCs or other devices without built-in Bluetooth. Users can stay connected with friends, family and business associates through softphone platforms such as Skype, and stream audio/music from Bluetooth-connected smartphones, MP3 players and other entertainment devices. And because the sound is delivered to both ears, Opn™ users can enjoy rich stereo sound to hear more details.

A wireless Bluetooth microphone and headset in one, ConnectClip captures sounds and includes remote microphone functionality so that Opn™ users can hand the small, discreet device to a speaker and then hear the speaker’s voice directly and clearly in their hearing aids without being disturbed by surrounding noises. In settings such as educational establishments, ConnectClip can be used by teachers and instructors to stream their voices directly to a student’s Oticon Opn™ devices, which makes listening easier, more so than hearing aids alone, maximizing the hearing capabilities of the student. It can also be particularly useful for Opn™ users at conferences, large business presentations and social events featuring speeches, such as weddings, where the speaker is at a distance.

“With ConnectClip, Opn users can now connect to all modern smartphones”, says Ole Asboe Jørgensen, President, Oticon Brand, Global. “An invaluable solution for those who wish to communicate easier in a number of complex listening environments, regardless of age, ConnectClip empowers Opn hearing aid users to participate and interact in a number of everyday situations which are at best difficult and at worst impossible, even with the best hearing instruments.”

User friendly, ConnectClip only requires a one-time pairing with the user’s smartphone. Once paired, ConnectClip will automatically connect to the smartphone. When the phone rings, users hear a ring indicator in their Opn™ hearing aids, then simply press the multi-button on ConnectClip to answer and finish their calls. In addition, ConnectClip can be used as a remote control for Opn™ hearing aids, enabling volume control, programme switching and the ability to turn the hearing aids on and off remotely.

Learn more about ConnectClip here.