Rayovac reveals “no battery lasts longer”** than its Active Core Technology

Rayovac Active Core Technology

Rayovac debuted its ‘Active Core Technology’ product for the first time in Europe, which offers consumers longer lasting, high quality performance throughout the life of the battery, at the EUHA in Nuremberg. The company, a division of Spectrum Brands Inc., has invested heavily in the new Active Core Technology, Rayovac’s most powerful technology yet which offers device users the longevity and power needed to cope with the demands of the hi-tech devices on the market.

Designed at the Spectrum Brands Institute of Design and Technology, it features three key new design elements: a new mechanical cell design which allows for more critical ingredients, increasing capacity; a new anode formulation ensuring a quality performance through-out the life of the battery and a new enhanced sealant process that provides our enduring cell stability yet with enhanced retention to hold power longer even in the most extreme conditions. The triple action improved formulation offers users quality performance throughout the entire life of the battery.

Glen Rutherford, General Manager at Rayovac, said: “Active Core Technology is a major step forward in the world of hearing aid battery power – our best yet. We’re delighted to be able to launch the product at the EUHA in Europe. We’ve engineered Rayovac’s new battery to answer consumer’s feedback and demand for a longer-lasting, more reliable hearing aid battery.

“The new cell technology provides device users with long-lasting power on demand. The improved design delivers higher voltage for high-tech applications. At Rayovac, we put people first and one of our main aims is to give batteries more power, so hearing aid users have the best possible experience.”

To achieve this latest performance enhancement, the company has made multiple changes to the cell design, including: upgraded cathode for improved performance and consistency in all sound situations. The improved formulation with Advanced Anode also provides rapid response to ensure quality performance throughout the life of the battery.

To achieve highly dependable quality, Active Core Technology incorporates:

  • An Optimised Form to deliver more critical ingredients and greater capacity
  • An Advanced Anode to increase battery life and ensure lifetime quality performance
  • Secure Seal to provide cell stability in extreme conditions

Glen added: “The latest breakthrough offers people so much more – it’s a product that’s going to complement their way of life, one they can be confident isn’t going to let them down, no matter the sound situation.”

The battery is also mercury-free, wireless approved and compliant with new legislation around the use of mercury in button cell batteries.

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** Based on ANSI/IEC performance tests for size 10,13,312 (except Size 675)