Sonic showcases newest additions to Enchant family at EUHA 2017

Sonic Enchant rechargeable

Sonic will showcase the new rechargeable Enchant miniRITE with ZPower and versatile SoundClip-A at the annual EUHA congress in Nuremberg, Germany. Sonic plans to introduce the new accessories in December 2017.

“We continue to expand on Enchant’s ability to brighten everyday hearing experiences with incredibly adaptive, flexible and automatic technologies,” says Joseph A. Lugara, Sonic President & Chief Operating Officer. “Enchant is built on our SoundDNA platform, our most powerful platform to date, aligning premium features with astoundingly natural sound. The convenience of rechargeable batteries and the versatility of wireless stereo streaming to smartphones and Bluetooth® compatible devices are just two more ways that Enchant makes Everyday Sounds Better.”

New Enchant miniRITE with ZPower gives users the confidence that all-day power provides with the convenience of an easy, rechargeable battery system. Users simply place their hearing aids in the charger overnight. In the event that users forget to charge their hearing aids, ZPower batteries can be interchanged with disposable zinc air batteries if needed. For existing Enchant miniRITE users, ZPower can even be retrofit: the simple swap of the battery door allows them to also enjoy the benefits of the ZPower rechargeable system.

Enchant users appreciate the wireless connectivity that the SoundDNA platform provides. SoundClip-A will extend the wireless stereo streaming capabilities of Enchant to any Bluetooth® 2.1 compatible device (mobile phones, music players, computers, etc.) – allowing the hearing aids to be used as a wireless headset to stream audio and music. It also lets users talk on smartphones hands-free. SoundClip-A can further function as a remote microphone. This feature permits Enchant users to more easily zero in on a main speaker in noisy environments or in situations where they are at a distance from the speaker. In addition, SoundClip-A can also serve as a remote control for Enchant instruments.

For more information on the expanded Enchant family, including Enchant100, Enchant80 and Enchant60 and popular styles including the miniRITE with ZPower, miniRITE T (with telecoil) and BTE 105, visit