New Updates to the GSI TympStar Pro™

GSI TympStar Pro

Grason Stadler (GSI) has announced new updates to its clinical middle-ear analyzer, the GSI TympStar Pro™. Providing precise, reliable and efficient clinical middle-ear testing, TympStar Pro continues to be enhanced with new tests and customer requested options to meet the requirements of audiologists around the world.

New Updates for 2017

Direct Print to PDF – Print a comprehensive PDF report directly to a USB drive that is inserted in the TympStar Pro.

Flexible Printing Options – Choose a standard summary report, select which tests to include in the default printout or select individual tests each time you press print.

View and Edit Historic Sessions – The TympStar Pro saves 100 sessions in internal memory. Load a historic session to view and edit the results. The historic sessions may be transferred or printed.

Auto Sequence Enhancements – Using the configuration application software, auto sequence testing may be defined quickly and effectively. Define several sequences for different patient populations or different pathologies.

Non-English Language Support – The TympStar Pro supports nine languages on the display screen of the instrument. Regional settings may be found and defined in the configuration application.

Acoustic Reflex Latency Test (ARLT) – First researched in the 1970’s, modern technology enables this simple clinical procedure. ARLT can be a sensitive indicator in distinguishing cochlear from retro cochlear lesions. Interest has focused on latency characteristics, rise and fall times of the reflex response, amplitude, and recovery characteristics. This objective and fast evaluation is ideal for all ages.

The TympStar Pro is a stand-alone solution with seamless PC enabled integration. Transfer data to GSI Suite™ and Noah®, or integrate with EMR/EHR systems such as AudBase for a direct HL7 interface.

Learn more about the TympStar Pro by visiting: or call US: 800‐700‐2282 or International: 952‐278‐4402