Signia unveils the lithium-ion inductive rechargeable hearing aid Cellion

Cellion hearing aid from Signia

In a press release from July 5, Signia has announced the launch of the lithium-ion-powered rechargeable hearing aid Cellion.

Based on the primax platform, it will give hearing aid wearers the convenience of virtually unlimited wireless streaming for up to two days use on a single charge*. Available this fall, Cellion is powerful enough to treat up to severe hearing loss yet is nearly comparable in size to Pure. The hearing aids are currently targeting an IP-68 rating and will be offered in the 7px and 5px performance levels.

Intelligently designed for smarter, simpler charging

Because the Cellion hearing aid battery is completely integrated and sealed into the housing, the wearer no longer needs to worry about opening and closing small battery doors or fumbling with tiny battery pills. More than that, it is the eco-friendliest approach, saving hundreds of disposable zinc-air batteries during a hearing aid lifetime.

Unlike other lithium-ion and silver-zinc rechargeable hearing aids that work with older, galvanic charging technology through contacts, Signia Cellion has no charging contacts. This eliminates the hassle of exactly aligning the hearing aid inside a charger, making the entire system more reliable and more convenient for users.

Once the hearing instruments are placed in the charger, they turn themselves automatically off and immediately begin to charge. When the instruments are removed, the hearing aids automatically know to turn themselves back on.

“Cellion further cements Sivantos’ reputation as the world leader in rechargeable hearing aids,” says Roger Radke, CEO of Sivantos Group. “When we launched primax earlier this year, we introduced the concept of clinically-proven reduced listening effort. With Cellion, we’re taking that a step further by being the only manufacturer to offer wearers all the benefits of primax technology with effortless charging, too.”

More power, same trusted energy efficiency

Cellion has the industry’s most powerful, yet energy-efficient power cell, providing up to 48mAh or 60 percent more energy than a standard size 13 rechargeable battery (30mAh). Cellion hearing aids are fully charged in only four hours and ready to use for up to two days*, even with full-time audio streaming. The 30-minute powercharge feature enables for more than 7 hours of hearing enjoyment. The Li-ion battery will last several years and can be easily replaced by a hearing care professional, if necessary.

* Cellion delivers 24 hours of continuous use – this enables up to 2 days normal usage with full wireless streaming

For more information about Cellion, visit Signia Cellion website