Ditto: universal wearable notifier

Ditto, wearable notifier, by Simple Matters
© Simple MattersTM

Ditto is a tiny and affordable smartphone wearable notification device that allows users to customize how they stay connected. Ditto allows users to filter their calls, texts and messages, and get other alerts, all in a personalized and discreet way, via a free iOS or Android app mobile app. Ditto can be clipped near the skin in a jean pocket, on a strap, or on a band and works for everyday life.

Ditto doesn’t require charging, it doesn’t have buttons, lights or switches. It runs on a battery, and notifies the user within the app when it needs to be replaced. Ditto is also waterproof and users can swim with it or use it in wet environments.

Ditto also integrates with other leading mobile apps, including Uber, so users know when their car has arrived, as well as messaging apps including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts, WeChat, Snapchat and Instagram. More apps will be integrated with Ditto in the near future.

Ditto provides the key functions of a smartwatch at a fraction of the price, without being a gadget that needs to be taken care of every night. Notifications are the most important aspects of smartwatches and are indispensable to effective smartphone use. Being able to filter so that a user can personally decide what is important to them at the time and to do so at an affordable price creates even more value for the Ditto consumer.

Considered one of the best new gadgets from CES 2016, Ditto helps ease the mind of the users in the hard of hearing community by assuring them through custom vibrations that they won’t miss any important calls/messages. It also alerts users if they are about to leave their smartphone behind, and can serve as a morning alarm—also through custom vibration.

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