Widex India launches a new range of hearing aids


The Indian affiliate of Danish hearing aid manufacturer Widex has launched its new range of hearing aids called Dream CIC Micro for the first time in the country. According to a report in the Times in India, Widex India has launched its new range of ultra-small Dream CIC Micro hearing aids for the first time in the country. Jesper Funding Andersen, Widex’s senior vice-president for global sales and marketing, unveiled the new products at a launch event held in Mumbai in late November.

At the launch, Shakeel H. Rizvi, head of marketing at Widex India, said that since its release in May last year, the Dream family of advanced hearing aids has set a new standard in hearing aid performance. The company has increased the product’s input range and maintained the fidelity of sounds entering the hearing aid to provide users with high-performance, quality sound.

Bhupendra Chaudhary, managing director and CEO of Widex India, added that “The new ultra-small Dream CIC (completely-in-canal) Micro is apt for hearing aid users looking for a discreet solution that does not compromise on sound. Built on the successful True ISP platform, which is a proven performer, it provides outstanding sound quality, particularly in difficult listening situations.” She also mentioned that the hearing aid is one of the smallest CIC models on the market, with a size reduction of up to 30% compared to the company’s current CIC hearing aids.

The article also reports that the brand, known for the quality and innovation of its products, is the largest supplier of digital hearing aids in India.

Source: The Times of India; The Asian Age